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2018 Tundra Pit Stop Option

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I have no problems remote starting with 3x lock button on OEM H-key. Using the 3x lock while engine is running to enable Pit-Stop does not work. After atempting to enable Pit-Stop the next time I try to remote start the truck it will crank the engine and it will run for two seconds then shut off then try to resrtart again and the engine just cranks and will not start unless i kill the remote using the brake pedal. This engine crank and not starting only happens when i try to use Pit-Stop while the engine is running.

Did i miss a programming step for Pit-Stop?

Does the EVO-ONE support Pit-Stop?

If not, can I program a different remote, instead of using the OEM H-Key, and use it for Pit-Stop?
asked Mar 30 in Toyota by Brian Marquis (130 points)

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"Using the 3x lock while engine is running to enable Pit-Stop does not work."


This is normal, as the oem remote does not function by design when the truck is started with the key or after take over is completed. It only works when its remote started because the evo opens up the tpms circuit to allow it to function, once take over is complete, the circuit is put back to stock and the oem remote no longer functions when the key is in the barrel.


In order to utilize pit stop mode you would need an rf kit:
answered Mar 30 by Derek (220,160 points)