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2021 chevy spark standard key remote start failing

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Using the evo-gmt1 with the rfk411 kit.

Remote can be used to lock and unlock door just fine.

When I attemp to remote start the car, The lights come on for about the a second , then everthing shuts down.

light on device is yellow and red,  then switches to red before fully shutting down.

edit: wired up using the following guide
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What is the S/N to the unit? This is located on the back of the module.


When it fails to start, observe the red led and let me know how many times it flashes. The flashes are an error code to help figure out why it wont start.
answered 3 weeks ago by Derek (220,040 points)

S/N 001A07 010123

i believe the red light is flashing 3 times.

Video link with light sequence

Turn off option B2 and A14 then re test.
updated and retested.

same outcome.

Is it possible Im using the wrong harness and need  to get a gm7 harness instead.

other than being wired differently into the car, they are suppose to perform the same function?
GM1 should still work fine.


Did you connect to the on the 20 pin?


Have you tried a master reset and re program on the unit? that would be my next suggestion.


You can find the master reset procedure here:
I didnt have the  blue connected to the wire.

I connected them and retested.

same results.

If the software settings are fine, I must have made a mistake in the wiring somewhere.

I went ahead and ordered the gm7 harness. looks like its just plug and play for my car. so hopefully that will solve my problems.

Thanks for help. It was much appreciated.