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2006 nissan x trail evo one install starts but shuts down after a few seconds

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i installed evo one with rf642 succesfully. car starts for a few seconds then shuts down then starts it for the second time for another few seconds then again it shuts down.

it starts it twice and shuts down. then the remote responds the red LED blink which means its terminated the remore start.

can someone help me? thanks a lot
asked 2 weeks ago in Nissan by mervin dulce (390 points)
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Make sure you have enabled option 20.2 in the remote starter side of the evo one.
answered 2 weeks ago by Derek (230,810 points)
awesome. it work. thanks a lot. i just wonder why that is not in the diagram for it. also lock and unlock doesnt work because there is no physical connection. i thought it will be included in the data.
Thank you for the feedback, I will send that guide to our graphics department with your suggestions.


Best regards.
Just a follow up. I will look for the lock and unlock wires of the 2006 xtrail. With the evo one will it always be purple and purple white wires? Or does it change with the programming? Thanks again
on the evo-one purple and purple/white are always lock and unlock.
awesome! thanks again!