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I cant start the car programing.

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onc I press the button on the unit and plug the 6-pin conector, the leds start flashing quickly in the following order (red-yellow-blue) and I cant get the blue light to be solid.
asked 2 weeks ago in Mazda by Yousef Albensaad (310 points)

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If they are flashing together, that means your unit is not FLASHED yet. Connect ir to the flash-link updater, and flash the module for the vehicle it is being installed in.

If the lights are simply alternating between, red-yellow-blue-blue/red, you need to release the button when it is blue. It will not stop on blue by itself.
answered 2 weeks ago by Robb (263,400 points)
selected 1 week ago by Yousef Albensaad
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