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2021 toyota corolla h key manual transmission

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Hello there everyone, is there any solution or diagram for a 2021 toyota corolla h-key manual transmission? I can only find one for automatic? Do i just add the clutch bypass wire? And is it the same ready mode instruction as other manual transmission? Im going to use evo-one with 3x lock or rf642.  Thanks a lot.
asked 1 week ago in Toyota by mervin dulce (390 points)

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Same install as the automatic transmission but add the clutch wiring as you mentionned. 

  • If Clutch is a (+)trigger, use the WHITE E1 wire and set option 2.3 for 2nd starter.
  • If Clutch is a (-)trigger, use the small WHITE in A5. 
  • (i believe its a +trigger but please test beforehand! )


for ready mode, it depends on how option 33 is set in the RS settings. 

This owners manual will give you an idea of what's available:

answered 1 week ago by Robb (263,400 points)
awesome support! will update once installation is in progress. thanks.