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2011 chevrolet cruze manual transmission evo all?

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hello there again everyone,

i would like to know if evo-all(stand alone) will work on a manual transmission 2011 chevrolet cruze?

i see that only evo-one has a wiring diagram for a manual transmission.


will evo-all A5 wire work the same as the clutch bypass wire(A5) from the evo one?

or is there any other work around using evo-all(stand alone)?

i will be using rf642 with it btw

thanks a lot!
asked 1 week ago in Chevrolet by mervin dulce (390 points)

1 Answer

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You need to use an third party remote starter that supports manual transmission along with Evo all, or evo one is your guy.
answered 1 week ago by Haidar Jabbar (9,330 points)
just installaed evo one with rf642. wokred flawlessly. thanks for answering..