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2015 ford taurus program evo one no chip

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Hi I have a 2015 ford taurus police pack, the car has no immobiliser i installed a evo one but how do i program it since it has no chip? everything is wired according to the diagram just didnt hook up the tx and rx wires. I tried putting the settings to no specific vehicle on flashlink but when I plug it in the 3 leds just flash another thread for toyota said to program canbus wait for blue led then turn igntion on wait to flash then turn off but that didnt work on this with igntion on the blue led just goes off and comes back with key off.

asked 5 days ago in Ford by shawn s (340 points)

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Module stil needs to be flashed to the correct year make and model even if there is no chip/immobilizer system in order fo the canbus to program properly (releasing on blue, igntion on, blue flashes rapidly)


Was this installed wire to wire or with a t-harness? Please provide the 12 character SN number on the bottom of the actual module
answered 4 days ago by JM (55,920 points)
Hi yes it flashed and it was wire to wire, SN:002B04209955, i tried what you said release on blue, ign on but there was no flashing the blue led just went off then when i turn igntion off it comes back on solid blue