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Dk Blue (A8) Wire does not ground for starter kill when armed. 32.4 & 10.1 enabled.

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Hey all, working on an 07 F-150 and have an evo-one almost completely setup and trying to get my starter kill relay to energize when alarm is armed. The dark blue (A8) starter kill wire will not apply a ground when you arm the evo-one. 32.4 is enabled along with 10.1. I've tested the relay is wired correctly and works if you take 86 straight to ground. anything i'm missing in the programming?
Also: function 9.1 is enabled for active alarm.

i have relay wired as this:

85 - Ign 12V+

86 - Dk blue (a8) wire from evo module

87a - key side of starter wire at ignition switch

30 - harness (truck side) of starter wire.
asked 5 days ago in Ford by James Eubanks (160 points)
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You need 14.2 enabled for the alarm feature to work.
answered 4 days ago by JM (55,920 points)
Hey JM, 14.2 is also enabled.

anything else i should look for?