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romete key connot progrsming after press 4x the brake or use valet switch and presshols engine will start

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kia 2012 maunal standard key
asked 5 days ago in Kia by paolo ramirez (130 points)

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if the module is "locked or armed" you wil not be able to access RF kit programming, please cycle in and out of VALET mode, (ignition and 3x on valet button)

If you are not a shop or professional installer, since it is a manual transmission vehicle, please bring the vehicle to a professional shop/installer.
answered 4 days ago by JM (55,920 points)
thanks for the answer but if you have a time on satarday i will call direct at the tech support and i will not try to install it if i have not install this and one thing some of the information was not inculuid on the diagram if all the information was be on the systime or in the **** i will not ask for this thanks and sorry