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How temporary disable EVO-ALL Remote Start

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Hi, I'm considering to install EVO-ALL resp. EVO-CHRT5 to my Jeep Wrangler JK 2018 to get Remote Start possibility by the standard FOB.

My question, which options do I have to temporary disable the Remote Start function by FOB when I have to bring my car to a Jeep shop for an extended inspection? During the inspection, the Remote Start function by the FOB have to be disabled, after the inspection I'd like to reactivate the Remote Start function easy.

Which options do I have with the EVO-CHRT5?





asked Apr 11, 2023 in Jeep by Richard Lebeda (130 points)

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That is done via the wire and wiring in a valet swtich,

When the evo-chrt5 is used in stand alone for 3x lock start, if the dark blue wire is grounded, then the remote starter will not function, remove the ground and it will function.

This is shown in the wiring diagram for the vehicle (page 3).


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answered Apr 11, 2023 by derek g (330,080 points)