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2010 Lexus rx 350. Not starting with locklocklock. Has No factory remote start.

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Push Lock/3x's and parking lights come on. No dash lights. No crank.

Verified TX/RX connections.  Verified Steering lock IGN and Ground. Measured voltage at the module

connector. Verifed ground at module connector will light a bulb.

Read the other customer with a 2014 Lexus with a similar problem. So I looked at TX/RX again. Ohm connections.

And decided to ohm all connections with Evo all disconnected.

Everything checks.

What am I doing wrong?  I have installed your product in other vehicles. I like the product.

sn# 001a07 283629

Current firmware is 79.69.
asked Apr 30, 2023 in Lexus by john long (160 points)
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Try lowering the firmware then re programming it. Flash firmware 79.57 then re program it in the vehicle.


Best regards.
answered May 1, 2023 by derek g (330,080 points)
Hello, still no success with the downgraded firmware.

When I command remote start, the blue led flashes with each lock button press and then the red led comes on and it goes through a few seconds cycle which appears to be normal.  But the vehicle will not crank, dash lights do not come on, park lights do.

Then with the red led still lit, the blue led will flash 15 times quickly and dimly.

The cycle repeats this 1 more time.

Then when the vehicle does not start, the red led flashes and the module clicks 3 times and its finished trying to start the car.


If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

I will search for the blue led flashing 15 times. Perhaps its a code.

Thank you.
Hello, I have more information on this problem.  I went through the wiring and checked all solder connections.  I did find 2 wires that were wrong.  D1 and D3 at the EVO needed to be switched. D1 to the body harness side and D3 to the 30 pin connector side.  That took care of the 15 blue flashes.

But the vehicle still will not start. I can press Lock 3x's , blue led flashes each time, then red led comes on and the EVO goes through a cycle and then a 2nd time. Then times out with 3 clicks/3 red flashes. The dash never comes on but parking lights do.

Just for fun I disconnected the EVO connector D 5 pin.  Then tried to remote start and have the same results. Plugged in or not plugged in.

I verifed the D5 has a perfect ground and the D6 is soldered correctly to the steering lock pin 4.

Verified can data , reads .280v to .335v  at C3 and C4 with IGN on engine off.

Verified push start A19 solder is perfect to pin 7 of PTS connector.

Don't know what else to do. Will put the car back together and wait for your instructions. Thank you.

I did upgrade the firmware to the latest hoping it would work,  but have the same results as the down graded firmware you asked me to try.
"Verified can data , reads .280v to .335v  at C3 and C4 with IGN on engine off."

- this seems off, good can readings should be 2.xxV per wire.

If ignition turns on but the vehicle does not crank that normally indicates that either there is an issue with:

-the steering lock connection.

-oem starter in the vehicle

-Rx Tx

"If ignition turns on but the vehicle does not crank that normally indicates that either there is an issue with:"

The vehicle does not turn on when remote start is activated.


The Can low is 2.3 and high is 2.6

Verified IGN 12 volts to A1 at the EVO and the ground from the steering lock connector.

Vehicle does not have factory remote per techstream.

Verified Rx Tx are connected to 30 pin black connector terminal 4 and 16.

I'm not sure what else to do. Thanks for any help you can provide. 


RX TX. I will check again.



Any further thoughts about this?

SN# 001A07 283629.


What should I be looking for on the ciruit for the Push to start connector from EVO A19 to push button pin 7 ??  Ground signal? or small amount of voltage?

Perhaps the push button is not sensing a signal from the EVO?

Maybe for testing I could  push Lock3x and then push the car start button without pressing the brake pedal to turn the car on engine off, and then see if the EVO will crank the car.



I wanted to say that Techstream does show a remote starter under my modules and it shows other modules but I don't have those options installed.  It lists about 35 modules total, but I can't communicate with some of them because they are not installed on the car. Such as the remote starter module, Techstream says the module is not present when I try to communicate with it. So its an option, but not intalled.

The car is a base model.
Ive seen toyota/lexus vehicles have the starter module and it not be initlized since it wasnt paid for. I would check to see if its high up behind the glove box on the left towards the ceneter console on the crossbeam.


Otherwise I do not have any further suggestions aside from those already made.
Thanks for this info. I'll check this weekend. If it's not there, I may end up purchasing 12 volt solutions plug and play unit.
Appreciate all the info.

I'll leave a final comment once I get to the bottom of this problem.
I've got the glove box out. No remote start module. I do see a connector with a dummy plug in it.
So after going through the install again, removing unused wires, removing the radio/glove box/etc.  Absolutely no OEM remote starter module.  

Performed the downgrade firmware as instructed,verified all connections.

Same result. Your module wants to start the car, but dash never lights up and after 3 tries it times out.

I'm done trying. I'm going to order a plug and play and if that works I will let you know.
Hey Jon,

I have a 2010 RX350 and I am having the EXACT same issue as you. Did you ever find the solution to this problem?