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False confirmation from RFK942 remote

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Recently installed an evo all and the RFK 942 in my 2021 Corolla. The OEM key fob works fine when remote starting (lock, unlock, lock), but its not the same for the RF kit. When I press and hold the start button it beeps and flashes green indicating a successful start, however the car doesn’t actually start. When I try it for the second or third time that's when it starts. I am just at my window about 10 meters away from the vehicle. Anyone else have this problem?
asked May 9, 2023 in Toyota by Ralph Romero (130 points)

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Could possibly be one of 3 things. 

  1. Antenna not flashed to 1.05 (Connect antenna to flash link and update it to 1.05)
  2. Antenna not paired correctly to EVO-ALL (redo pairing procedure)
  3. Option H + H2 not enabled in the EVO-ALL (connect EVO to flash link and verify that options H and H2 are enabled)

What's important to understand is the remotes pair to the antenna, while it's the antenna that pairs to the EVO. Being that you get a green confirmation means it is not a range issue since that green flash confirms the remote talked to the antenna. 

answered May 9, 2023 by Robert T (298,130 points)
Do I simply just plug in the data cable (that came with the flashlink updater) straight into the antenna? I tried doing this and the program couldn't detect the antenna.
Yes, plug the antenna straight into the flash link updater (red disk). If it does not detect right away, right click anywhere on the screen and click on reload. While it reloads, disconnect/reconnect the antenna.