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question about iphone ms3g app

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Hi there,

Im not sure if there is an easy way to fix this problem, but since couple days ago, I dont get any notifications when my car is started (so I cant even tell if it was started) and only way to tell is when I go to history -> under settings on the app itself on my iphone. Once engine is stopped, does not even show temperature or anything, like it always used to.

I restarted my phone, dergistered and registered my car, reinstalled the app, toggled notifications...nothing.

Any idea?


asked 3 weeks ago in Mazda by Andy Bulatovic (130 points)

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Make sure background app refresh is enabled in the phone along with all notifications.

Aside from that ensuring the yellow wire on the antenna gets a proper switched ignition signal.

Best regards.
answered 3 weeks ago by derek ! (294,320 points)
Hi Derek,

Yes, I always have that enabled on my phone. As far as antenna, not sure how to even check that, so I may get in touch with guy that installed it for me here in Ottawa, should be easy to reset it.

Robert from support emailed me directly and after that, seems like developers did something on their end and I see all the stats on the app and even notifications look more informative now, so EXCELLENT work Robert, thanks a lot!!