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Having being remote started stops responding to remote unless really near by the car

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I got EVO-CHRT4 (with the flashlink, so updated everything to up-to-date at that point) for Chrysler Town & Country 2013 in early Dec 2015, and installed it somewhere mid December 2015.  I don't have FW versions from top of my head, and the unit is mounted in the car and it is cold outside ATM (NH).

Originally everything worked out splendidly.  But since probably a month ago (I haven't done anything to the car since then, may be washed it once or twice ;) ) I have started to observe that having started the car remotely, the car stops responding to the fob/remote -- I can't unlock the car, or open side doors, anything, UNLESS I come really close to the car, like to the driver's door.  I have tried with the 2nd fob/remote -- the same story -- no reaction.  What could be the reason?  I did recently change battery in one of the remotes.  Car does pick up my presses originaly from about 60-100m.
asked Feb 14, 2016 in Chrysler by Yaroslav Halchenko (130 points)

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Factory fob or aftermarket?
answered Feb 14, 2016 by Bill W (1,850 points)
both are factory (I hope since got when got car used, but look like originals).
Try with all accessories off in the vehicle, radio, heater, defrost. Also if you have any kind of fm transmitter disconnect it.
I didn't check yet but I feel sad that didn't ask myself the same ;-) THANKS!

I think it is probably the massager/heater I have placed onto my seat - must be producing enough of EM noise indeed.  I will report back whenever get a chance to check.