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2010 fusion won't start with oem key anymore

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I have successfully* installed an evo fort1 about a week ago and have not drove it since then. It did crank with the key initially but now the car doesn't do anything with the key, won't enable accessory power, crank, toggle lights, or even door chime. Where do I go from here? The only way to start the car is with the remote now and won't even drive once I step on the brake.
asked Nov 27, 2016 in Ford by Jared Dykstra (150 points)

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The part of the harness that clips back into the ignition barrel is probably not clipped in all the way if absolutely nothing works when inserting the key.
answered Nov 27, 2016 by Jared Dykstra (430 points)
edited Nov 27, 2016 by Robb
yeah, I ripped the column apart a few hours ago and noticed it was completely disconnected, must have popped out when I was reassembling everything, don't know how I missed that.


Thanks for the response!