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2008 g35x no longer needs OEM keyfob?

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I just installed the EVO-NIST1 standalone with the Fortin RF642W RF Kit on a 2008 Infiniti G35x according to Guide 24031 and have a couple comments & questions after playing around with it:

1) LOCK x3 works with the OEM fob, however it cannot remote stop the car with LOCK x3 again. This is known, so it is not a problem.

2) After remote starting the car and unlocking it (either with door button or with either of the fobs), I can open the door, step on the brake, and I am able drive away. That works as intended, but the problem is I can drive away without having the OEM key fob around. The instrument cluster screen does not say NO KEY like it normally would if the key has left the car. In other words, one would be able to drive off without having any remote on them as long as the car gets remote started followed by an UNLOCK signal. Are remote starts intended to bypass the need to have the OEM Intelligent keyfob for the take-over?

3) While the engine is off, the LOCK signal from either the RF fob or OEM fob will lock the doors and prompt the RF antenna's LED to start flashing (blue) and will not stop unless I press the UNLOCK botton on either remote. What is this flashing for? Can this be disabled? I do not need or want any alarms or extra security features. I am more concerned about it draining the car battery. Please advise.

4) After remote starting, the first press of UNLOCK with the RF fob ONLY turns off the Antenna's flashing. I have to press unlock a second time to unlock the car, however it would unlock all four doors at once. I had configured it through Flash Link (B1 on) to unlock driver door on first press, and lock all on second press but that isn't the case. What exactly happens on the first UNLOCK that stops the antenna's LED flashes? Can I get the unlock button to unlock the doors on first press?

5) How does IDLE mode pertain to push-to-starts where the key does not need to be in the ignition? I'm guessing it is not needed but just want to be sure.

6) I had to use the RL2 connector to get remote starter to work, although the guide says RL1 for G35. This might be the issue with folks who cannot get their '07 - '08's  to remote start.

asked Dec 19, 2016 in Infiniti by Billy Bob (130 points)

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2) If you were able to unlock the door with the button on the handle, it means you have the remote with you. If a thief break the windows and open a door without unlocking, the engine will shut down. I can't see why somebody would unlock the door with the remote and then leave the remote home. If you drive without the keyfob, if you turn off the vehicle you won't be able to restart. Not recommended to only carry the remote start remote with you and leave oem keyfob home. If your battery in remote goes dead you are stuck.

3) This LED draws something around 5 mA when lit so battery drainage is not an issue. You can program option 11.3 to turn it off completly.

4) Driver door priority unlock is not available on Nissan/Infiniti vehicle.

5) If you engage idle mode before leaving the vehicle you will be able to shutdown the vehicle with the remote.

6) Maybe a misprint in guide or tags on your harness are inverted, we will look into it thanks !
answered Dec 19, 2016 by Billy Bob (85,110 points)