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2012 Nissan Murano. Key light on dash. Doesn't go out.

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2012 Murano PTS. EVO-ALL stand alone with Crimestopper Revo RF kit. Programmed fine. Works as it should. Is it normal for light to be illuminated in this particular application, or should the light go out?
asked Mar 27, 2017 in Nissan by CarStereoOneInc (2,250 points)

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Does the light go out once you've done the take over sequence and the evo has shut down?
answered Mar 28, 2017 by Derek (182,540 points)
No. It stayed on all the time. Would never go out. This was something I worked on yesterday though, so I just pulled everyting out and gave the car back to my customer.

It all worked fine, except for that key light. No clue.

Ah thats unfortunate, next time give us a shout if you can we are happy to help yes, but no the security light should not be on.

Having this same problem - just installed EVO NIST1 and there is an amber illuminated lamp on the instrument cluster stating "key".


Everything appears to work fine.
Yes. The physical smart key is not in the car.

It will go away once you get in with the actual smart key and press the brake.
Unfortunately that did not happen for me - amber indicator stayed illuminated until car was shut off and subsequently locked.
This is old, but I remember this. Geoff, same thing. That's why I just pulled it. Didn't seem right to me. Maybe they've updated firmware since then to fix the issue?