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Fortin EVO-GM1 on a 2014 Impala Ls with a stand alone remote starter,I want it to NOT lock or arm after being started?

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I understand that the OEM key fob is disabled by the car manufacturer once the vehicle is started. My question is, can I disable the arm and lock feature of the remote starter after the vehicle has been remote started.

I am not concerned with security of the vehicle.  This is not a safety feature either because the vehicle can not be shifted with out the brake being depressed which disables the vehicle.

If this can't be achieved through programming, could it be achieved through traditional wiring by not connecting the arm and lock wires.




Dan G.
asked Aug 12, 2017 in Chevrolet by Daniel Gray (240 points)

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Leaving a vehicle unlocked during remote starting is not recommended in any case due to a multitude of things that could possible happen, theft of items in the vehicle, children getting into the vehicle, actual theft of the vehicle if someone was to easily get in and force the igntion barrel to the ON/Run position.

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answered Aug 14, 2017 by Rico (52,590 points)
First, If I leave items in the vehicle that im afraid of someone stilling, I won't remote start the vehicle if the doors can be opened.

Second, Given where I live and where I work, a child will not climb into the vehicle, but, even if there was a slim chance, I'd be more worried about a child climbing under a running vehicle, not into an unlocked one.

Three, If someone were inclined to steal the vehicle they could just as easily use an emergency breaker punch to shatter a side window to get in.

I'm glad I wasted my time to respond.  I'm so tired of trying to find a technical solution to a problem and the people who can't formulate an answer always resort to reasons why it shouldn't be done, rather than how it can be done.

Thank You so much for your opinion and not your answer.
Let me just clarify a few things,

1. The doors being relocked after starting is not a "problem" it is how the firmware is designed to protect the vehicle and the company against liability.

2. Someone breaking into a vehicle to get in is not the same as leaving an unlocked running vehicle.

3. My comment, "Leaving a vehicle unlocked during remote starting is not recommended" means protecting the vehicle is our priority and there will never be a solution where the vehicle will be purposely left unlocked.

Your question was answered but I believe just not the answer you wanted.


I'll figure it out with some relays and a pulse timer and whatever else I have to "Macgyver" to make it happen so I don't have to have some big P.O.S. aftermarket remote swinging off my keychain.

I know I can do it, I just didn't want to spend the extra$ on stuff I don't need if I could do it through program settings.

PS   So, by your rationale, if an intruder entered someones home in the middle of the night, going through an unlocked door would be more excuseable than picking a locked door or smashing a window?  Please STOP!!laughlaughlaughlaughlaugh


What you are trying to do is 100% possible!! You and I both know this!

BUT It is not something Fortin supports or recommends for very obvious reasons nor is it something we would invest engineers time in coding into a firmware.

But like I said if this is something you want to do it is 100% all means it is your vehicle you can do what you want with it :)


I found this out the hard way 2X. After turning off my car out front of work and getting locked out, just as I needed to get back in and go to an important work related meeting.. 2nd time was just as inconvenient, also why I'm here searching for an answer of how to program the module STOP THAT!!

Any Help Here???

2010 Altima.