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2017 Honda Accord regular key; no response to remote start (3x OEM) or RF kit

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Installed EVO-ONE using the T Harness and soldering connections for both the horn and park lights, no response when attempting to remote start vehicle. The blue light blinks with key lock presses on the OEM remote, the unit has battery power at the red wire (battery + input on the main 6 wire harness) and the Decryptor showed to program correctly. I hooked up an RF kit and the unit did not respond to it either (Antenna led blinks and the remote responds as it it receiving two way communication to the module).
closed with the note: Got everything sorted out. Reflashed the unit and everything is working, both with the OEM fob and with the RF kit.
asked Nov 22, 2017 in Honda by Dan Hughes (160 points)
closed Nov 24, 2017 by Dan Hughes

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Did you cut the yellow loop located on the side of the module ?

What rfkit are you using ?
answered Nov 23, 2017 by Mathieu Bertrand Collin (58,480 points)
The Axxess RF2 kit. I had this evo-one and RF kit installed on a 2016 4Runner and everything worked perfectly. I installed it in the Honda and it will not respond to either the OEM or the RF kit signal. The blue light blinks when using the OEM lock/unlock buttons, the orange light comes on when the ignition is on; there is no red light or other response when attempting to remote start however.

And yes the loop wire was cut when it was installed on the 4Runner and it still in the same condition now.