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RF Kit and Crimestopper Teleconnect at the Same Time?

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I have the Evo-All installed in my 2011 Ford Fusion, an installation that has been in place since January of 2014.  I recently attempted to add the CRIMESTOPPER RFALL641W FM RF Add-on Kit and the Crimestopper Tele-connect smartphonne control.  I am able to program the Evo-All to "see" the RF kit (if the Tele-connect is disconnected), and I am able to program the Evo-All to "see" the Tele-connect as long as the RF antenna is disconnected.  But I am not able to get the unit to see both add-on devices at the same time.  I have flashed the unit as instructed.  If I have both connected at the same time, the RF kit works, but the Tele-connect does not.

Any ideas?  Your assistance is appreciated.   

asked Feb 20, 2018 in Ford by Steven Krieser (500 points)

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Did you instal a diode as shown in the guide?
answered Feb 22, 2018 by Derek (224,620 points)
selected Feb 15, 2019 by Steven Krieser

Must instal diode as shown on the white wire. 

It was the diode.  I installed it today and everything now works perfectly.  Thanks!
Where is this full guide availble , cant find anyhere .
I have the same issue with ftx642w and linkr-lt2 - can't make them work simultaneously on Evo-One. Will the diode help there too? Where should I put it?

Update 1: After posting my reply I can see the diagram attached above, not sure why it wasn't visible before. Will try to add the diode where indicated.

Update 2: Adding the diode helped only partially: starting the engine via Ftx642w works fine, but the engine stops after 2-3 seconds when started via linkr-lt2. Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot that?

none of the images in the Q&A responses work for me either, tried in multiple browsers.

EDIT: well, just like Michael said, images began to appear as soon as i posted this comment!

EDIT 2: and then the images are gone again after my edit! i just see something along the lines of this anywhere someone posts an img in a comment: 

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sometimes the images will not appear correctly depending from where the comment was initially posted from. 

the Q&A is available on and



All the information for pairing units is available in this guide: