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Why does the 2014 Audi S4 not require key but 2015 does?

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I am interested in purchasing an Evo-One for the 2015 Audi S4 Keyport but I am wondering why the install is more difficult than the 2014.  Are you planning to introduce a new product that doesn't require the key for the 2015 or will this always require the key?
asked Nov 27, 2018 in Audi by Craig Hadley (130 points)

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Different BCM/wiring/antitheft sytem between the 14 and 15.
answered Nov 28, 2018 by Brandon Cleary (1,250 points)
Do you think it will ever be possible to have a keyless bypass?  I would buy this kit today if it were the same install as the 14.
2015 is hit or miss, about 50% will work this is why it's not officially covered for now. You can give it a try, might work might not.