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Mitsubishi RVR 2014 Standard key clutch bypass

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There's no manual transmission wiring diagram for the Mitsubishi RVR 2014 standard key with the EVO-one.

The remote starter works fine, but only with the clutch depressed, which is expected. What wire of the clutch switch should I tap into? Should I wire it to (-)START? (+)STARTER? Or maybe use the bypass relay?
asked 3 weeks ago in Mitsubishi by Gabriel Paquet (130 points)

2 Answers

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As both programmable positive outputs (E1/E2) are already used for the turn signals, I ended up wiring the -START signal (A5 - white wire) to a relay as shown here:
+12V Output of the relay to the clutch switch pink wire.
answered 3 weeks ago by Gabriel Paquet (170 points)
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Is the clutch in your vehicle positive or negative? Test it and determine its polarity, then connect the appropriate starter wire to the clutch.
answered 3 weeks ago by Derek (151,130 points)
It's positive. Connecting it to +STARTER bypasses it.
Are there any positive signals coming out the EVO-ONE?
Or do I need to use one of the negative signals with a relay?