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Fortin Evo one plus RFk942 can’t get it work 6 hours of trying 2014 tundra

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Ok here is the basics I have the eco one hardware 2.xx I just updated the firmware in the bypass and the other section. Forgive me I'm tired and can't remember.

"As for the RF kit, the only option you need enabled is RFLF in the remote starter options". As per the instructions "Press and hold the valet switch until the parking lights turn ON, the horn/Sirn will chirp"  this does not happen.   Step 2 works "Press and hold the valet switch or the antenna but- ton until the Parking lights turn ON, the horn/siren will chirp" But thats to "ERASES ALL REMOTES THAT HAVE BEEN PROGRAMMED AND RESETS ALL FUNCTIONS BACK TO DEFAULT."


i have no idea what I am doing wrong? I can't get past step on by pressing the recently connected valet button to start the RF kit instructions.  I also Don't see "RFLF" anywhere in the flashlink updater 

my problem is I don't think my valet switch is working.  I had been using the OEM Toyota 2 button remote for years.

when I originally installed and programmed the Evo One the valet switch was not installed.. could this be a problem?

asked Nov 24, 2019 in Toyota by shawn petoello (180 points)
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not sure how but after many attempts playing with the Button on the RF moduel and the Valet switch the darn thing came alive and I sucessfully programed a New fob RFK942. I still have no idea how I did it and was about to quit but the instructions that came with the RFK942 stink! they are not a one side fits all....
answered Nov 24, 2019 by shawn petoello (180 points)
system cannot be armed to program remotes. Need to disarm it first by hitting unlock on whatever key already controls the system or by putting it in and out of valet.
I dont know what I did.  But it finally worked after 2 hours.   The instructions with the RF942 are almost useless.