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Ground pulse after start to trigger defroster

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My car (2016 Juke) is a negative 'pulse' to trigger the rear defroster. I keep reading about using the Aux1 to trigger, I don't have an Aux1 that I know of and if I do it's not listed in the install guide. Basically, AFTER the car starts I just need to pulse the pin at the BCM to ground to get the defroster going.

Any help is appreciated. Don't have my service model # stuff with me and I'm not taking the unit out of the car just to find it.

It's an EVO-ONE NIST1 with the T-harness.
asked Nov 24, 2019 in Nissan by Eric Laing (270 points)

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Yellow/Black is an AUX output when option 25 is changed to something.


If you also enable option 39.2. The AUX will automatically trigger once temperatures are below 5c. 


answered Nov 25, 2019 by Robb (234,130 points)
I now have a second question, in the Fortin spec sheet it states it has a SPST and a DPDT relay built in... can I use these (as I don't see it mentioned anywhere else) to control a switch by opening or closing these contacts?
no, it's refereing to the wiring of the red connector along with the green/red and green/white. Those are controlled by the bypass firmware and cannot be adjusted.