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Evo One and Drone Mobile question.

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Hello. I have an evo one installed in my 2013 sonata, with drone mobile dr6400. Everything works great. However, the 3 time push lock button. I was under the assumption that the 3x push lock to start doesnt work without an rf kit. So if I were to purchase one would i be able to use it with the drone mobile installed as well?
asked 1 week ago in Hyundai by Patrick Frailing (330 points)

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really? im just surprised, the evo-one works the drone 6400.


3xlock should be able to start the vehicle as long as options 38.2 and C1 are enabled.

We dont list it as 3xlock compatible since the factory remote ceases to operate once the car is started (which is why we suggest an RF-KIT instead of 3xlock)
answered 1 week ago by Robb (217,310 points)
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When using the drone mobile I have to use the .50 firmware for the remote start. There are no options in .50 at all. If I flash it to the newest one. 1.24 I think, and enable the option 38.2 it will start with 3 lock pushes, but drone doesnt work.
you need to go back to 0.50. Whatever options were enabled at 1.24 will stay in the unit.