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Red Light result after programming

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2012 Dodge Durango  CHRT4 Connection C (stand alone).  Have everything wired up but keep getting Red Light as result on the last step #8 (Press the lock button on OEM).  Everything else up to that step.  Ignition Yellow wire from 20 pin is matched up to Yello wire from T Harness.   Not using Extenral Input or Parking light out as indicated.    


Thanks for your help!
asked Apr 26, 2014 in Dodge by Jimmy Auora, IL

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Anyone have an idea on this?
answered Apr 28, 2014 by Jimmy Aurora, IL
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Hello Jimmy,

What is the 12-digit service number written on the back of the EVO and what did you do with the dark blue wire on pin A8?
answered Apr 28, 2014 by Robb (236,750 points)
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Thanks so much for your reply.

Service # is 001A06 145015

I grounded the dark blue wire temporarily, I'm awaiting for a tilt swithch for the hood to be sent to me which I ordered online.

Was grounding that wire my mistake?