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Thanks so much for your reply.

Service # is 001A06 145015

I grounded the dark blue wire temporarily, I'm awaiting for a tilt swithch for the hood to be sent to me which I ordered online.

Was grounding that wire my mistake?
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asked Apr 28, 2014 in Dodge by Jimmy Aurora, IL

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Yeah, you do not want to ground the wire when using standalone. Grounding the wire basically shuts off the remote starter when stand alone is activated.


What it also means since the RED LED turns on in your case when the wire is grounded, is that the Stand Alone feature is not actually turned on at the moment. Also, when looking at your service number, you can confirm that the stand alone option is not activated and that the EVO does not have the latest firmware loaded:

answered Apr 28, 2014 by Robb (236,280 points)
selected Apr 30, 2014 by Robb
Thanks so much for your help on this Robert.  I have cut the grounded dark blue wire and now the Red light is gone.  But now I need to get this firmware updated along with the stand alone being turned on.  Would any local alarm shop be able to do this?  Or what woud you recommend?  Kind of the reason I went DIY was to save some cash on getting a remote starter on my vehicle.


You can check with local shops. If they install any Fortin products they would have the Flash-Link Updator since it's pretty much a necessary tool for installers (and DIY's).


Personally, I would just buy a Flash-Link Updator. They're like 30-40$. I'm not saying this to sell something, but if ever you change vehicles in the future and want to reinstall your EVO in that vehicle, at least you would have the tool to do any firmware update/changes. Also it gives you the options to turn on the EVO-ALARM and Stand Alone features on compatible vehicles.

Hello Robert,

Finally got around to getting the Flash-Link Updator.

I completed the udpate as instructed but now when going back to plug to the car and following the procedure, I don't get any response (lights) when plugging in.  Hold program button and plug in does nothing.  No red light or blue light.  There's definately  power on the connection, I tested it.

Please give me an idea what to check.

Any chance you can help me with this Robert?

Hi Jimmy,


Make sure the black 4-pin is nice and snug fit in the connector. With only that connector plug in, the 3 LEDS should flashing / alternating as lopng as power is present on the RED and Black wires of that 4 pin connector.

Plug the EVO back in the computer and reflash to firmware 74.14. You do have to reprogram it afterwards, just flash it.


If you wanted to use the stand alone remote starter feature also, I do not see it as ON right now.


Turn ON these Options for 3x Lock Start:

  • C1 - OEM Remote Monitoring
  • D1 - OEM Remote Stand Alone Remote Starter

I'd recommend calling tech support directly as it may simplyfy some explanation and questions.