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No Start Problem

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I have a 2010 Dodge Challenger Automatic and purchased the EvoCHRT4 remote start kit.  The unit programs correctly but it won't start the car.  The ignition lights up and when I hit Lock x 3 but not start.  I then tried to start the car manually and it won't start manually either.  I unplugged the T-harness and plugged the oem harness in just to check and it works.  So something must be going on with my wiring?   


I cut the yellow wire from the female T-harness and connected the yellow/green and yellow 12volt to the other end of the cut wire.   I also enabled Remote Start in both bypass and remote options.   Could you tell me what I'm doing wrong?
asked Dec 21, 2014 in Dodge by Toure Only (370 points)

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The yellow/green goes to the female connector side of the cut.

The yellow wire coming from the other end of the tharness goes to the yellow on your 20 pin connector.
answered Dec 22, 2014 by Toure Only (85,110 points)
selected Dec 24, 2014 by Robb
Starts then immediately shuts off
Thank you