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2010 challenger starter cut in/out during cranking

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Installed prostart ct3471-tw in 2010 dodge charger, auto, key start, with EVO-CHRT4, power and ground both units through d2d/t-harness. Ground with 1.67k resistor for parking lamps. Using Fortin protocol on bypass and remote start. door locks and trunk release work well. programmed bypass and prostart as usual, tach through bypass. tach programmed good. Modify T- harness as per diagram A- cut yellow wire in T between connectors, connect D1 ylw grn to cut yellow wire,Vehicle remote starts normally most of time, occasionally when cranking with remote starter it will crank longer before actually starting and while cranking starter is cutting in and out, making awful noise.seems worse the longer it sits between remote starts, cannot dupicate with key starting vehicle. Tried reprogramming tach, with no noticeable change. Would using power and ground for remote start from d2d wires as per wiring diagram A on THAR-CHR4 instructions be insufficient. Do I need to hardwire tach signal. Any ideas.
asked Dec 23, 2014 in Dodge by Micheal Unger (2,110 points)

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with any Autostart product, use the D2D protocol (Expresskit). Autostart does not allow 2-way datalink in Fortin or ADS protocol, only in ExpressKit(D2D). Leave the autostart in Expresskit and enable option F3 in the EVO-ALL options.
answered Dec 23, 2014 by Robb (236,280 points)
Thanks for the prompt reply, I will try this later this afternoon. Have you seen this problem before with erratic starter? I have tried using d2d on bypass and xpresskit on remote start several times before, sometimes works, sometimes doesn't. Started using fortin protocol and have been successful, or so I thought until now.
Only other thing i can think of at the moment is do not enable unlock before start / lock after start in the autostart. Enable it in the EVO instead.

A quick an easy test, would be to enable D1 and C1 (3x lock start) and see if the problem persists if the EVO is being used as a stand alone remote starter.