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evo-chrt4 dodge charger 2008 red light only

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when i connect the device to the using the T-harness then i insert the 4 pin data link while holding the button it is only giving a red light.


second then which connection type should i use for my car
asked Jan 22, 2015 in Dodge by zaid sasa (160 points)

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Can you provide us with the service number for your Evo-All.

And the connection guide depends on how you are going to use the Evo-All in the vehicle, (with Remote starter through datalink, with Remote starter WITHOUT datalink, or Stand Alone)
answered Jan 22, 2015 by Rico (54,260 points)
selected Jan 23, 2015 by Robb

"Step Three i cut the yellow wire from the female harness and link it to yellow/green in the 5 pin red."



I reread your comments and saw this, please make sure that the YELLOW  from the MALE side of the t-harness is connected to the YELLOW/GREEN of the RED 5 pin connector

I did that but i still have the same problem , please help

When you turn the key to the IGNITION position, does the Blue LED shut off??

And after doing the MASTER RESET,  you will NEED to reconnect the Evo All to the Flashlink-2 updater and make sure that options C1, D1 and D2 are toggled ON still and SAVE OPTIONS

The blue led didn't shut off , it is constant.

I did the master after that i enabled the c1 , d1 , d2.

what am facing if i reconnet the igition wire on the male / famale harness then it will will start blinking and the i response to the 3x buttons but it doesn't start the engine.

i know that i have to connect the yellow wire from the male harness to the yellow/green of the red 5 pin connector and the yellow that comes alone with the yellow in the 20 pin.