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Evo-CHRT4 vs Evo-All vs Evo-One

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Once installed what is the difference between the Chrt4, ALL, or ONE - besides thE CHRT4 has a T harness?

 I have a 2012 Ram 2500 Diesel Automatic with the remote start module installed already so I just need the module and harness minimum. I will program it to have glow plug/heater delay and crimestopper REVO enabled with the flasher2. Is there a fee for the crimestopper enableing?

I'd like to add a crimestopper 2way system if my range is bad, but hoping the oem fob will work. There is no way to tell with my cement walls vs the window or not until it's installed. If I have to do 2way I was hoping that it would be able to do both - Have a 2 way at home and carry my oem fob in my pocket for starts when walking out to the truck, or from my office close by. I have a Ram fob Saab fob and don't have room in my pocket for a third fob.

I see the CHRT4 and ALL uses the oem keyfob which I like, can it do 2 way also at the same time  as the 3x lock oem fob? 

I don't understand stand alone starter vs not - I'm assuming that means the CHRT4 can be used with a 2 way? however... Under optional technology section: The One shows it can have RF (2way) remotes but says it can't do stand alone

What modules can be hooked up to the Evo-One

What external triggers can be hooked up to the CHRT4, can modules be hooked up to the CHRT4 or ALL?

In the bottom check mark section the CHRT4 has NA for remote start so does that mean it can't do 2way, this contradicts the Stand Alone option above


I see no difference between the CHRT4 and the ALL if I get the THAR-CHR4 T harness. In fact based on contradictory information on the compare screen I see no difference at all between all three models, except price since my truck has the remote start function setup but just needs the module/controller.  They all say the will monitor for 3x lock and will start or stop the vehicle. Can you please ellaborate on the differences in detail, including options, modules, triggers, systems, etc that can be added. I'd like to see the whole picture and know which is more future proof/upgradeable as well.

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The module will monitor the OEM remote for 3X Lock and will start or stop


asked Nov 27, 2016 in Ram by James Stew (290 points)

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EVOALL is a bypass module, initially made to be matched with a remote starter. These days more and more vehicle can be started only with EVOALL, no need for a seperate remote starter, this is called standalone.

EVOCHRT4 is simple an EVOALL packaged with a THAR-CHR4 which will cut down the installation time.

EVOONE is a remote starter and EVOALL in one box.


For your RAM you can get the EVOCHRT4 and Flashlink Updater 2 and try with the oem fob if the range is enough for you. You can add the REVO rfkit (or any other rfkit) at a later time for more range.
answered Nov 28, 2016 by James Stew (85,110 points)
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Makes sense. I think the website needs to be more clear. This was a perfect answer for the comparison.


Oh, can you use the RF kit and OEM fob at the same time?